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The UPS consists of a charger, inverter and batteries to provide regulated uninterruptible electrical power supply. When the static UPS is in service, power from the primary AC source is supplied to the charger unit. The charger converts incoming AC power to DC power to be fed directly to the inverter unit. The inverter converts the DC power into AC power to supply the critical load. Upon failure of the primary AC supply, input power for the inverter is automatically supplied from the battery bank with no interruption or disturbance of inverter outputs. At the same time, the UPS alarms the loss of mains power supply. When the AC power is restored, input power for the inverter unit and for recharging the battery bank is automatically supplied from the charger output, without interruption or disturbance.

UPS Set 1:


UPS: Safepower Evo 100kVA


Battery: 12V 80AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery


UPS Set 2:


UPS: ONL22.5K33


UPS Set 3:


UPS: VGD6KRM x 33sets